Monday, November 19, 2012

New HMS clinic in UK

Great news for HMS patients in the UK! 

Professor Rodney Graham, one of the world’s foremost experts on hypermobility, has led the foundation of a new Hypermobility Unit at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth in London. This cutting edge clinic, which also features doctors Alan Hakim and Hannah Kazkaz, both rheumatologists, will combine the services of gastroenterologists, geneticists, physiotherapists, pain psychologists, pediatricians and podiatrists to treat the whole HMS patient. Physiotherapist Rosemary Keer, who has co-authored two books with Dr. Graham, will also be working as part of this healthcare team from a separate location. This is now the largest and most specialized clinic in the private (non-NHS) section in the UK. I highly recommend that HMS patients living in the UK take advantage of this wonderful resource, it might take several months to get an appointment, but it is well worth the wait to get this level of care!

I want to applaud Dr. Graham for helping to make the UK a world leader when it comes to awareness, research, and treatment of hypermobility syndrome. He has created a holistic, compassionate system of care which I hope other countries will begin to emulate soon. Thank you Dr. Graham for your unwavering support of HMS patients and for fighting so hard to get this disorder the awareness and respect it deserves - you have truly touched the lives of patients around the world!

The unit is still working on creating a website, but information about the clinic can be found here -

Love and Hope,