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The doctors who are most likely to be familiar with Hypermobility Syndrome vary by country – in the US clinical geneticists (most often found at children’s hospitals) are the most likely to be qualified to recognize and diagnose Hypermobility Syndrome, in the UK Rheumatologists are more likely to specialize in the disorder, and in other parts of the world such as Eastern Europe and Australia physical therapists or physiotherapists are usually the most familiar with HMS. Below is a short list of specialists who are true experts on Hypermobility Syndrome and certainly the best doctors a patient with HMS could ever hope to see. Many of these professionals have a true passion for HMS and the patients it affects and are happy to correspond with patients via email to help them get the right diagnosis and treatment. Their caring, especially in a world where most HMS patients are told they are either crazy or weak by many health care professionals, is truly a gift. To get an appointment with one of these doctors usually requires a referral and they usually book 4 to 6 months out, but it is definitely worth the wait and the effort. I believe it is always better (both emotionally and financially) to see one doctor who truly understands hypermobility and can give you a positive diagnosis and start you on a treatment plan so that you can get your life back than to see multiple specialists to get negative diagnoses to so that you can rule out other possible causes for your HMS symptoms, as this is often taxing emotionally and causes you to arrive at a diagnosis of Hypermobility Syndrome via a process of elimination, making it harder to justify that HMS diagnosis to other doctors down the line. I hope that with these doctors you will finally find someone who believes in you, who does not question your pain, who can give you answers and encouragement, and treat you with the dignity and respect that you deserve!

As always, love and hope,

Dr. Brad T. Tinkle
Specialty: Clinical Genetics
 Advocate Lutheran Children's Hospital
Chicago, IL
Appointment Phone: (847) 723 7705
Office Location: 1875 Dempster St. Suite 310
Park Ridge, IL 60068
Contact him through his website -

Dr. Clair Francomano
Specialty: Internal Medicine, Medical Genetics
Greater Baltimore Medical Center
Baltimore, MD
Adult Genetics Clinic
Appointment Phone: (443) 849 3131

Dr. Howard Levy
Specialty: Internal Medicine, Clinical Genetics
John’s Hopkins Medicine – Green Spring Station
John’s Hopkins Outpatient Center
Baltimore, MD
Appointment Phone: (410) 583 2774 (Green Spring Station)
Appointment Phone (Outpatient Center): (410) 955 9434

Dr. Alan Pocinki
Specialty: Internal Medicine
The George Washington University Hospital
Washington, DC
Appointment Phone: (202) 223 2283

Dr. Eric P. Gall
Specialty: Rheumatology
University of Arizona Arthritis Center
Tucson, AZ
Appointment Phone: (520) 694 4000

Melanie Pepin, MS
Specialty: Genetic Counselor
University of Washington Collagen Diagnostic Laboratory
Seattle, WA
Phone: (206) 543 5464

Dr. Diana Driscoll
Specialty: Therapeutic Optometry (she personally suffers from EDS)

Dr. Rodney Graham
Specialty: Rheumatology, Orthopedics
Hypermobility Unit
The Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth
60 Grove End Road, London
Phone: 020 7806 4060

Dr. Rosemary Keer
Specialty: Physiotherapy
Central London Physiotherapy Clinic
106 Harley St, London
Phone: 020 7486 5238
Dr. Alan Hakim
Specialty: Rheumatology, Sports Medicine
Whipps Cross University Hospital
Phone: 020 8535 6723
Appointment Phone: 020 8936 1201

Professor Howard Bird
Specialty: Pharmacological Rheumatology
General Infirmary
Leeds and Chapel Allerton Hospital

Sue Maillard
Specialty: Pediatric Physiotherapy
Hypermobility Clinic
Rheumatology Department, Great Ormond Street Hospital
WC1N 3JH, London
Contact: Pamela 01628 676619

Dr Tim Jenkinson
Specialty: Adult Rheumatology
Hypermobility Clinic
Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases NHS Foundation Trust
Upper Borough Walls